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With Listing Agent Masterclass, you will come away with a variety of tools, strategies, and resources including:

  • 15 steps to getting a listing
  • 10 Steps to master great listing presentations
  • Learning to read buyer behavior and overcome the objections that kill most deals
  • Winning mindsets of top listing agents and limiting beliefs  that may be keeping you from being one
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gary keller testimonial

For anyone that is interested in learning about what it takes to achieve success in the real estate business, Jim and Linda provide an excellent example to follow. They know how to develop a winning game plan!

Gary Keller, Founder of Keller Williams Realty International

Nobody wants to work more than they have to. We all want more freedom, and that comes from incorporating leverage into everything we do. That's why having Linda McKissack in your corner is such an advantage. She's got decades worth of experience building passive income and teaching others how to do the same."

Stu McLaren, Entrepreneur and Founder of Stu.me

Before working with Linda and Jim, I thought it would take such a long time to build up the money reserve we need and want to start investing. I now know I'm only a few months away from making investing a reality. I've seen how simple this all really is and that we are already doing so many of. the activities necessary for achieving our passive income goals. I'm so grateful to the McKissack's for their investment. in others and teaching all this info when I was ready to absorb it. Can't wait to implement the plan and see the passive results!

Karina Loken, #3 Real Estate Team in the World by Units
gary keller testimonial

Linda McKissack will open your eyes to the possibilities and importance of passive income and wealth building. If you want to think bigger, live bigger, and create the best future for yourself, then you need to take this class. I was blown away by the knowledge that Linda possesses and her willingness to share her tips and secrets to long-term success!

Tim Heyl, Mega Agent: $100 Million Producer