Hi, I'm Linda McKissack, author of the USA Times Bestseller "Hold: How to Find, Buy and Rent Houses for Wealth" and "Presentation Mastery for Realtors."

Linda McKissack lives in Dallas, Texas where she pursues her passion of changing the lives of real estate agents and business entrepreneurs who want to build wealth and not just more cash flow. She teaches and coaches on wealth building strategies, how to create leverage in your business and how to think like a wealthy person. Linda lives with her husband Jim. And even though the children are out of the house, Linda still has lots of adventures with them.

"I Help Real Estate Entrepreneurs Create Passive Income & Wealth While Building a Great Business."

-Linda McKissack

This is my Story.

I was one of the first real estate agents to turn my business over to someone else as a passive income stream. That business has run successfully without me for the last 18 years. Along the way I have become one of the top real estate and entrepreneurial trainers in the world focused on helping people create leverage and passive income. But it didn’t start out that way…

When I first got into real estate in the late 80’s, it was because my husband and I were $600,000 in debt. At the time, Texas experienced an economic crash and the banks called all our notes due, all $600,000 worth…

That’s right, almost overnight we plunged into $600,000 of debt…

I remember my husband, Jim said, “You know, a mentor of mine once said, if you want to make a lot of money, real estate was the way to go.” We laugh today, because the mentor meant to buy some real estate, NOT put your wife to work in real estate!

Little did I know, that this would be the best career decision I ever made.

I’m not going to lie, I struggled those first few years as I tried to learn how to succeed in the real estate business. I only made $3,000 gross my first year. My husband said that was really gross! However, I grew up with a you don’t quit attitude, and I kept learning and pushing forward until I began to succeed.

I found trainers and mentors from around the country like Howard Brinton of Star Power, Mike Ferry and Tom Ferry, and my personal mentor Gary Keller. These mentors changed my business and life forever.

As I implemented what I learned from my mentors, success followed. I became the #1 agent in my city, the #1 agent in my company and eventually rose to the REALTRENDS top 100 real estate teams in the country.

Passive Income.

As Jim and I were building our real estate business, we had one of those light bulb moments that changed the trajectory of our life forever.

It came when we were masterminding with a business psychotherapist, who worked with the top 1% of industry professionals. At one of our meetings he turned to us and said, “What you have built is great, but you do realize that the day you sell your last house will be the last dollar you will ever make in real estate, right?”

This mentor went on to say that we had two fundamental problems…

First, we thought we had a business, but if Jim and I couldn’t step away from that business for at least 6 months and it actually grow, then we didn’t really have a business.

Second, we needed to focus on other income streams, and more specifically passive income streams, so that we could have freedom and options someday.

Jim and I began our journey to build passive income through real estate investing in the early 90’s... while we were still in debt! We partnered with a builder friend on our first two deals and we haven’t looked back!

Today we own over 110 long-term rental properties, 16 vacation rentals in Branson Mo., 6 commercial buildings, 4 real estate franchises… and it all started from building one successful real estate business.

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“To Help successful real estate agents and business entrepreneurs understand the power of leverage and passive income so they can create freedom and margin for what matters most!”
– Linda McKissack’s Mission Statement


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